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BATTLE MECHS IN JUST CAUSE 3! :: Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault DLC!

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- Ur awesome and I really mean it ur awesome
- cool
- How much does it cost
- Opening music?
- Does he have to be so dramatic with it
- Fight The Medici Police Department Or MPD For Short Anyway Fight The Medici Police Department With The Mech b
- The multiplayer mod is going to make this amazing
- holy shit its a nice dlc
- This channel grew 6 times in size after I last saw it... I've been missing out!
- Nice
- Stunt Challenge:
Take a mech, grab a motorcycle, launch the motorcycle over one of the large explosive sphere oil tanks and while the bike is in air, tether to it and when it lands continue driving...add the sphere exploding in the background for full bad-ass-ary xD
- how do you get it. it didn't come out for ps4
- yoooo I must play this again!!
- Jump out of the cargo plane with the mech
- Why were there cop cars?
- Try car surfing with the mech
- Try car surfing with the mech
- Why in the hell was a blown up boat sliding down a mountain
- Epic intro!
- dude i started watching u sence just cause 3 came out Its good to see you grow <3 keep up the good work its kinda cool to see someone like u to grow soo quickly <3

Congratz on 100k i wasnt here when u hit 100k didnt have time to tell u that <3 <3

Ps- im a bit too late

Pps- im out <3

Ppps-thanks for making me smile and laugh <3