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A Sci-Fi Short Film: "MECH: HUMAN TRIALS" - by Patrick Kalyn

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- Very Good Movie, Could you please let me know What software or softwares you used to make it.
- Ooooo something like nanobot injections rebuilding the body? interesting...
- make a movie.
- cum pot sa vad si eu filmul??
- Make a part two or I will strangle you
- This is the son of Jarvis and a human mother
- oh crap!!!!!!..why is it SHORT?....such a good story,.. this should grow into a full length movie man!!!!!!
- amazing 😻😻😻👌👌👌👏👏👏👏
- This needs to be made into a full movie!!
- well...he can never jack off he may rip his penis off
- is fantastic... wow
- I like it I want to see more where is the supplier , good stuff
- Rlyaj
- very interesting...
- must be made into a movie now
- "I didn't ask for this"

but I still got a badass short film
- future of steroids
- wow pt2 pls......excellent work👍👍👍
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