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#65: Randy Moss | The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players (2010) | NFL Films

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- No diss to the GOAT Jerry Rice, but if I had to choose between the two in their prime, Randy Moss all day. I have never seen a player more dominant at that position when they are dialed in.
- He's underrated. He played with so many QBs and were successful with them. Jerry Rice had Montana. In my opinion Moss and Calvin Johnson are better than Rice.
- He is my favorite wide receiver especially when he was on the Vikings
- 2:50 mark. Plain Nasty
- Let's all take a moment to give credit to #33 for that stylin behind the back pass to Moss at 0:09.....also 33 is my lucky number and I see it everywhere, this is the matrix. But yeah nice pass
- These "greatest players" lists that lump every position together are pretty much meaningless. How can you possibly say that a certain defensive end is "greater" than a certain wide receiver? If your list is about the draft order for your ultimate team, quarterbacks should occupy at least the top 20 spots or so. If you're talking about stats or pure game impact, o-linemen are left off altogether. I think lists that rank players at their individual positions make far more sense, and then you don't have problems like this where you're debating whether Randy Moss is more valuable than say, John Hannah or Reggie White. A player's success also depends on the scheme they're in, the strength at the other positions, and how they're used by the team.
- Randy moss was a headache when my favorite teams packers played against him.
- Randy, randy, randy. Another diva with no ring. Well deserved.
- Randy moss did the one hand catch before odell
- His rating seems a little low considering his speed, height, and ability to burn DBs.
- #65?? This is ridiculous...There's probably 5 players TOPS that I would take before Randy and those are debateable. If Jerry Rice is #1...HOW IS MOSS 65?!
- But he's better than Rice. Man, millenials have got to be some of the dumbest collection of people ever. It's like we're devolving. "Stickum!". How about 'quitter'? 'Big game no show'? 'Non blocker'? 'Two route runner'? Again and for the last time, the only historical comparison for Randy Moss is with Terrell Owens. Jerry Rice is on his own plateau in NFL history. If you're under 25 and didn't get to see him play, well that's your fault. Moss quit in Minnesota. Quit in Oakland. Got cut from a Super Bowl contending team in New England. Languished on the bench in Tennessee and then had lesser numbers on a Super Bowl appearing 49ers team than Jerry Rice did at 41. Stop it. Jerry Rice's 49er career ALONE > Randy Moss. You add what he did in Oakland, it's not even fair.
- The nfl always hated on Randy, he was the greatest!
- Moss should be at least top 25
- 1 good catch vs revis tho ???
- He shouldn't be this low. Rice used stickum GOAT = RICE.
- How many of Randy Moss's great catches came because, outside of Brady, he played with bad QBs?
- Moss and Rice are the best. But Rice has
- He's 65 because he has no super bowl rings
- The G.O.A.T